Neustar Applies for 234 gTLDs, Key-Systems 31 And Demand Media Another 26

As the Big Reveal approaches, more companies are coming out, so to speak, and beating their chests with announcements of how many top level domain applications they have submitted.Neustar has now eclipsed Verisign, who submitted 234 applications including 14 for itself, by submitting 358 applications including being selected by the City of New York as the registry service provider to manage the application process and operate .NYC.Other companies to submit multiple applications including KS Registry, a subsidiary of Key-Systems, who submitted 31 applications, who are running a Digital Archery service for customers and non-customers alike, although the latter will have to stump up €15,000 per application that uses their Digital Archery service.Digital Archery, Key-Systems explains, “Digital Archery means, that each applicant uses an online system to choose a date and time in the above mentioned timeframe. The applicant logs in and clicks the submit button as accurately as possible. The closer the click is to the preselected time, the sooner will the application be reviewed.”Demand Media is another player. The owner of Enom announced they applied for 26 names on a stand-alone basis. In addition they entered into a strategic arrangement with Donuts, who last week announced they were applying for 307 gTLDs, through which it may acquire rights in certain gTLDs after they have been awarded to Donuts by ICANN. These rights would be shared equally with Donuts and are associated with 107 gTLDs for which Donuts is the applicant. Additionally, a subsidiary of Demand Media has been selected as the technical registry operator for both Demand Media and Donuts.And in another report, ICANNWiki founder Raymond King and business partner Peter Brual say they have applied for ten gTLDs.