Neustar .BRANDS Report Looks Back at 2017 and Forwards to 2018

With over 550 brands around the world having their own new gTLD, Neustar through their Makeway World have published a report on what has been happening in the .brands world in 2017.

In 2017 the report notes there was a 55% growth in domain names registered in .brands to 10,147 domain names and a 54% increase in domains in use to 7,310. There was also a 55% increase in average number of domain names per .brand with an average of 17.92.

By country, 29% of .brand domain names were in Germany, 27% in France and 21% in the USA. By industry, insurance, real estate, automotive and information technology made up the top 4.

There is also a focus on Amazon Web Services with their .aws generic top level domain who “recently launched a campaign around its AWS Cloud solutions, appealing to startups, creators and ‘builders.’ The catchy tagline “Build On” rounds out the branding nicely – and the go-to location for information is the new address”

Looking forward “with 2018 well and truly under way, some of our key predictions for the next year in .brands are that these usage trends will continue to strengthen, particularly in campaign and promotional pages, and the use of .brands in social media.”

The report goes on to note they are “expecting to see more emphasis on the security benefits of .brands, as organizations educate their customers that ‘if it doesn’t end in our .brand, it isn’t us.’ This could mean an unprecedented opportunity to build trust and legitimacy in the digital space.”

“Finally, 2018 will likely feature many brands challenging the status quo of digital, using new technologies in conjunction with their .brand to develop new tools and techniques for engaging with customers. AXA’s use of Blockchain technology for its site is just one great example of this.”

To download the report in full, go to: