Network Solutions Presents Search Engine Optimization Seminar at ECMTA/PeSA Fall Summit 2007

Network Solutions logoNetwork Solutions is partnering with ECMTA and PeSA to present a Search Engine Optimization Seminar on October 3, 2007 in San Francisco, California. This seminar will educate small business owners on the importance of SEO and how it benefits their online business.

Many small business owners may not realize that it takes more than just an attractive Web site to increase search engine traffic to their online store. Establishing a Web site is a proactive first step in pursuing consumers online, but it takes marketing your business to get the ball rolling. In an effort to educate small business owners on the importance of marketing their Web sites, Network Solutions is teaming up with ECMTA and PeSA, the E-Commerce Merchants Trade Association and the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance, to present an informative Search Engine Optimization Seminar on October 3, 2007, at the ECMTA/PeSA Fall Summit held at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California.

Harry Lalor, VP of Partner Marketing with Network Solutions, states, “The ECMTA/PeSA Fall Summit is such a great venue for online merchants that we are very excited to have the opportunity to address Search Engine Optimization in depth with them.”

This two hour Search Engine Optimization Seminar will teach attendees the secrets of SEO, including best practices and strategies for business growth via online marketing. These best practices include learning how to increase search engine traffic, obtaining qualified customers actively searching for the products and services offered by small businesses, factors that affect a Web site’s search engine rankings, and the impact of search technology on their company’s bottom line. Attendees will learn how to create keyword rich content pages that aid in the increase of search engine traffic and will gain an understanding of back-link building strategies, search engine spiders, and how spiders work.

This news release is also available from Network Solutions here.