Network Solutions Hijacks Customer Sub Domains to Run Ads

Network Solutions was recently in the news, again, for using its customer’s sub-domains to run advertising generating and money-making links. One would have thought Network Solutions would want to keep its head low for a while!The issue came to light when Win Betteridge who runs contacted TechCrunch with the details. The example given was that resolved then, but doesn’t now, to a Network Solutions holding page that included links to gambling-related pages.At the time, TechCrunch ran a search on DomainTools where there were 294,438 sites on the same Network Solutions IP address as The test run by TechCrunch on the sites listed (for free) by DomainTools and every single one had the same issue: unassigned domain names with link filled Network Solutions holding pages.TechCrunch’s story is available at

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