Network Solutions Announces Premium Resale Domain Service for .com and .net Domain Name Registration

Network Solutions logoNetwork Solutions now makes it possible to acquire premium domains that are currently registered by another registrant and available for purchase. Premium Resale Domain Service allows a buyer to securely purchase domains at a fixed price so there is no long negotiation process between the buyer and seller.
As a small business, settling for less is not an option, especially when it comes to establishing an online presence. Online identity is extremely important, especially the domain name chosen to represent the company. When a desired domain name is unavailable, that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. With Network Solutions Premium Resale Domain Service, domain name registration is possible for certain .com and .net domains that are already registered by someone else.

Jeff Grosman, SVP of Product Marketing and Management with Network Solutions, explains, “Your domain name is the critical link for customers to remember and find your brand online, Network Solutions realizes that identifying the right domain name can be very stressful for a small business owner. That is why we are offering the Premium Resale Domain Service–so that our customers have the most choice possible to find the domain that they want, in order to best reflect what products or services their business offers.”

Premium Resale Domains are available for immediate domain registration at a price agreed upon between Network Solutions and the current registrant of the domain name. Network Solutions acts as the liaison between the buyer and the current registrant selling the domain, which means there is no bidding or negotiation required on the customer’s end. Network Solutions will also present similar Premium Domain Names to those that the customer is searching for, in order to present even more options. Shortly after the domain registration purchase has been completed, the domain will appear in the customer’s Network Solutions account.

Premium Resale Domains are priced higher than traditional unregistered domain names based on a variety of criteria including the number of characters in the domain, the number of years the domain has been registered, relevancy and popularity of the keyword, the Web site traffic it generates, and because it is currently registered to another registrant. Customers pay the premium price once at the initial purchase, which includes an extra year added to the term. More years may be added to the registration term at the initial purchase for $19.99 per year.

This news release is also available from Network Solutions here.