Net neutrality rules get go ahead from US regulators

US regulators have approved new rules meant to prohibit broadband companies from interfering with internet traffic.The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 on the principle known as net neutrality; a tenet that ensures all web traffic is treated equally.The rules have been criticised for setting different standards for fixed line broadband and mobile operators.Officials said the regulations are “the first time the commission has adopted enforceable rules” to govern the web.To read this BBC News report in full, see: see:Internet Gets New Rules of the Road: Consumers Guaranteed Right to View Content; Service Providers Allowed to Sell Faster, Priority Speeds for Extra Money
The FCC’s rules could be less important to day-to-day Web surfing now than they will be to shaping how Americans access and use the Internet years from now. In the future, the Internet industry will be increasingly centered around online video, gaming and mobile services, analysts say.Those are the fastest growing categories of Internet traffic, which broadband network hardware provider Cisco Systems Inc. recently forecast could quadruple by 2014. Approves Net Rules and Braces for Fight
The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday approved a new set of rules that are intended to preserve open access to the Internet.There was disagreement Tuesday about whether the F.C.C. had the legal authority to adopt the network neutrality rules, and that authority was certain to face legal challenges in the months ahead. Nonetheless, the approval represented a significant progress toward fulfilling a campaign promise by President Obama to preserve a level playing field for Web developers. Praises Net Neutrality Order
President Obama weighed in Tuesday in support of the FCC’s approval of network neutrality rules, describing the move as an important part of his administration’s efforts to advance “American innovation, economic growth, and job creation.”In a statement Tuesday, Obama said the FCC’s vote “will help preserve the free and open nature of the Internet while encouraging innovation, protecting consumer choice, and defending free speech.” Backs Net Neutrality Order
The Federal Communications Commission approved network neutrality rules Tuesday, with Chairman Julius Genachowski’s two Democratic colleagues providing tepid support for his plan aimed at ensuring the Internet remains an open platform.Genachowki said the order provides a “strong and sensible nonideological framework framework – one that protects Internet freedom and openness and promotes robust innovation and investment.” U.S. FCC adopts Internet traffic rules
A divided U.S. Federal Communications Commission adopted Internet traffic rules on Tuesday, provoking warnings they would be rejected in the courts and threats from Republican lawmakers to overturn them.The rules highlight a huge divide between those who say the Internet should be allowed to flourish without regulation and those who say the power of big high-speed Internet providers like Comcast Corp to discriminate against other players needs to be restrained.

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