Net Neutrality Hits a Nerve, Eliciting Intense Reactions

It usually doesn’t take much to get people on the internet worked up. To get them really worked up, make the topic internet regulation.

In the week since the Federal Communications Commission released a plan to scrap existing rules for internet delivery, more than 200,000 phone calls, organized through online campaigns, have been placed to Congress in protest. An additional 500,000 comments have been left on the agency’s website. On social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, the issue has been a leading topic of discussion.

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Why should you care about net neutrality?
OPINION: You may have heard the term 'net neutrality' mentioned here and there, but what is it, and why should you care?

Net neutrality is essentially the right of an internet user to access content and services online without their internet provider or government blocking the websites they view, throttling their service, or charging a premium for some services.

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