Net Neutrality Hinges on Whom to Trust More: FCC or FTC

Debate on maintaining an open Internet where all Web traffic is treated equally turned to whether government enforcement could rely on U.S. antitrust law rather than the communications regulators who have traditionally handled the task.Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee advocated the antitrust option at a hearing today. Democrats said Congress should instead let the Federal Communications Commission proceed with rules proposed last month that may let Internet-service providers like AT&T Inc. charge Web companies such as Google Inc. for faster lanes for their content. see:What if the FCC is the wrong agency to handle net neutrality?
Is the Federal Communications Commission the wrong agency to handle matters of net neutrality and Internet openness?That’s what some in Congress and elsewhere are suggesting. Instead, they say, ensuring that Internet providers don’t abuse their network operator roles should be a matter for the Federal Trade Commission and antitrust law.

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