Net Neutrality: FCC Boss Smacked by Tech Giants, Internal Dissent

More than 100 Internet companies sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday expressing alarm over the agency’s proposed net neutrality rules, and imploring regulators to protect Internet openness.The letter, which was signed by many of the largest Internet firms in Silicon Valley, was delivered as two FCC commissioners expressed doubts about the direction laid out by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the former top cable and wireless industry lobbyist who is spearheading the new rules. see:Top tech titans join forces to ask FCC to protect Net neutrality
Many of the world’s top tech heavyweights have made a plea to the Federal Communications Commission to lay down the law and safeguard Net neutrality.Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, and dozens of others wrote a letter to the FCC on Wednesday asking for a “free and open Internet” and rules that protect users and Internet companies. In all, nearly 150 Internet companies signed the letter., Facebook and Amazon write to FCC demanding true net neutrality
More than 100 technology companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have written to US regulators to warn that proposed net neutrality rules pose a “grave threat to the internet”.The intervention comes against a backdrop of protest at Federal Communications Commission plans that opponents say will create a two-tier internet where big corporations are able to transmit their content to recipients at much higher speed, disadvantaging smaller competitors and other users.

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