Net Giant Prods India on Rules – Google Warns of Liability Dangers; Others See a Crackdown on Web Free Speech

Google Inc. told Indian regulators in a confidential memo that tough proposed restrictions on Internet content could hamper the company and others in a promising market by exposing them to liability for a broad swath of material published by third parties.The regulations were enacted last month with little change from the proposal. Google’s concerns, laid out in a February memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, added to criticism from civil-rights advocates who said the rules amounted to a crackdown on free speech on the Web. see:Indian web rules risk curbing info flow – Google
Holding internet platforms liable for third-party content would lead to self-censorship and reduce the free flow of information, Google Inc said on Wednesday in reaction to India’s new rules.”We believe that a free and open Internet is essential for the growth of (the) digital economy and safeguarding freedom of expression,” Google said in a statement on Wednesday.

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