NCC Group Launching Domain Assured To Provide Domain Abuse Monitoring

NCC Group logo[news release] Global information assurance firm NCC Group is launching Domain Assured, a new service which monitors the abuse, health and reputation of internet domains.

The service is aimed at domain name registrars and new gTLD owners, and provides continual monitoring of the major domain abuse types such as spam, typosquatting, hosting of malicious code and phishing. These can all damage the reputation of an internet domain, resulting in lost revenues and trust as confidence from end users disappears.

Built on top of technology from NCC Group’s advanced research group, Domain Assured will use expert threat intelligence capabilities to deliver a complete, real-time picture of a domain’s threat landscape, enabling registrars and registries to take a proactive approach to seeking out abuse.

Rob Cotton, CEO at NCC Group said: “We are passionate about making the internet a safer place. Domain Assured will make a big impact in protecting organisations and their customers and ease the transition as the new gTLDs are rolled out.”

ICANN has decreed that registry operators have to adhere to a minimum level of technical analysis regarding threats to their TLDs. Domain Assured ensures this standard is met and exceeded by delivering a complete picture of a domain’s threat landscape.

The scalable cloud-based solution can monitor millions of domains while providing rapid notifications of abuse. It makes use of NCC Group’s own algorithms to predict issues before they arise. Abuse thresholds can be configured to filter out potential false positives through the user-friendly customer portal, which is available 24/7.

Domain Assured will be a tiered offering, with additional services available on top of the comprehensive monitoring. These add-ons include an additional proactive component, where any flagged issues are dealt with immediately by NCC Group’s security testing and website performance teams.

Rob continued: “Our global reach and size means we can provide this service on a massive scale. We have legal and technical teams in house dedicated to monitoring and solving each case of abuse.

“Domain abuse can damage the reputation of registries and registrars, as well as harming end users. Domain Assured uses our threat intelligence capabilities to ensure customers have a detailed dashboard of their domain environments.”

Domain Assured is the latest initiative from NCC Group in the domain space. Last year ICANN approved its escrow division as a gTLD escrow agent, while the Group has also acquired .trust from Deutsche Post, as part of its mission to create a secure and trusted internet environment through new gTLDs.