NCC Group and CoCCA Launch Program to Extend Assurance Services to ccTLD registries

[news release] NCC Group, the world’s largest IT assurance and software/data escrow company, and the Council of Country Code Administrators Incorporated (CoCCA), a not-for-profit society of ccTLD managers, today announce a program to provide both registry data escrow and software escrow protection to CoCCA members and users of the CoCCA registry system. Under the terms of this agreement, COCCA Data Escrow (NZ) Limited will escrow both the participating member TLD data, as well as the source code for the registry system required to operate a registry, with NCC Group.

One critical requirement of ICANN’s new gTLD program, and the ccTLD Best Practice advice of ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), is to establish transfers of “domain registration data” to a reputable escrow agent such as NCC Group. Data escrow is a critical function and is necessary to ensure continuity of registry operations in the event of a physical, technical, or business failure.

CoCCA Director Garth Miller notes, “CoCCA has always sought to deliver economies of scale in policy development, complaint resolution and technology to both members and other users of our registry software. Partnering with NCC Group is a sensible, cost-effective way to ensure that entities that rely on CoCCA to assist in them in the management of critical Internet infrastructure are able to restore a production registry system in a matter of hours. While others generally escrow data only, CoCCA will be escrowing data, the registry system, and source code. NCC Group presented the best combination of operational flexibility, technical expertise, reasonable terms, and an easy to understand fee schedule.

The initial launch will see the data of 16 TLDs escrowed with NCC, and the project will be extended to other users of our software in Q2 2012”

NCC Group has been active in the domain name community since 2007 when it assisted ICANN with the development of the gTLD Registry Failover Plan. Since then, NCC Group has been the preferred escrow provider for a number of registries and registrars worldwide, and is proud to be the only escrow provider with major operations in Europe and North America. NCC Group’s offering is compliant with both US and EU law, and is designed to meet the needs of all registry operators worldwide.

Tom Scopazzi, Registry Services Manager at NCC Group, added, “CoCCA authors the Internet’s most widely deployed registry software; it has been selected by nearly one in five sovereign states – many of which are developing, small or post-conflict nations. CoCCA members generally desire to run the TLD in-country and not outsource; however, in many cases the operational infrastructure may not be what is available in the highly developed nations. This NCC – CoCCA partnership puts best-of-class escrow within reach of even the smallest TLDs, protecting critical infrastructure and the interests of registrants.”


NCC Group provides 45,000 organizations worldwide with IT assurance through escrow, verification, security & software testing, audit and website performance solutions. NCC Group is the only data escrow provider able to draw on this market-leading technical expertise and ensure that your Registry Data Escrow is stored under the highest levels of security at all times.

Through these services NCC Group gives customers the confidence that their business critical information, systems, networks, websites, and software are protected, secure, compliant and effective.

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