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National Arbitration Forum Loses in Disputes Cases To WIPO

The National Arbitration Forum announced they handled a total of 2,082 domain name dispute cases that were filed in their dispute resolution program in 2011, up 18 percent from 2009 (1,759 cases) and down four percent from 2010 (2,177 cases).This compares to the WIPO that handled 2764 cases in 2011, up 31 percent from 2009 when they handled 2107 cases, and up 2.5 per cent from 2010 when it handled 2696 cases.In their announcement, the Forum noted since their first case in 1999, they have resolved nearly 18,000 cases as of the end of 2011. But during 2011 more than 2000 cases were filed with 96.2 percent involving generic top level domain names. There were also around 70 cases involving a .US ccTLD that was resolved under the United States Dispute Resolution Policy (usDRP) while three cases were administered under the United States Nexus Dispute Policy (usNDP).There were also ten cases were administered under the FORUM’s new Rapid Evaluation Service (RES) for .XXX domain names.”Our experience tells us parties, particularly domain name registrants, prefer the National Arbitration Forum because documents are easily accessible in our online portal,” said Kristine Dorrain, Director of Internet and IP Services, who manages the FORUM’s dispute resolution programs at National Arbitration Forum. “Complaint or Response filing is accomplished in just a couple of minutes.”