Naming Rights: Are you plagued by a bad domain name? You may soon have a shot at a better one

The Wall Street Journal looks at the likely approval by ICANN of new gTLDs saying the difficulty in obtaining a .com name will lead many to look at alternatives when they become available. The article refers to domains “the endings on Web addresses, such as .com and .gov”. The article also notes there is disagreement on the outcomes of allocating more gTLDs, with some of the view it will only create confusion in the online marketplace.As to what will succeed, the article says it is hard to predict what will be successful, although it gives city TLDs a better chance of success. The article looks at .berlin and quotes one prospective .berlin registrant who says “The top-level domain will also help build an online identity for the city.” One company that claims the new gTLDs will lead to confusion is Google, with a spokeswoman saying “The decision to allow anyone to start their own top-level domain has the potential for widespread user confusion.”To read the Wall Street Journal article in full, see

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