NamesCon’s First Ever Digital Conference Becomes NamesCon Online

With NamesCon 360° now a virtual conference due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the organisers have renamed their first-ever all-digital conference NamesCon Online, and moving it onto

The organisers note this also highlights the creativity you can unlock through the right domain name: in telling your audience what you’re called, also telling them how to find you. It’s the ultimate elevator pitch.

Announcing the change of name, the organisers also welcomed Radix as their first NamesCon Online Diamond Partner.

Radix CEO Bhavin Turahkia had previously said during a presentation in 2019 to “focus on value, not on valuation. Valuation is a side effect, a consequence.” In their announcement, NamesCon noted he also said that real-world usage is a key metric for a string’s success at Radix.

To register for NamesCon Online, go to:

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