NamesCon 360° Goes Virtual Taking Event To The Domaining World

With the shutdown of conferences around the world, NamesCon has succumbed as well and is another that is going virtual. So now NamesCon is planning to host what they’re touting as what will be the largest-ever domain-industry conference, with content relevant to global and local markets: NamesCon 360°.

The virtual NamesCon 360° will run from 9 to 11 September. Tickets are now available with Standard Passes available for only $64.23 including booking fee. This price is available until 31 August and after that the ticket price will jump to $106.66 including booking fee.

NamesCon 360° will feature live and on-demand presentations, workshops, networking, and deal-making opportunities that the NamesCon say will be on a scale not yet done in the domain industry. Besides bringing elements you love from NamesCon straight to your home or office, they’re adding some new features that can only be done in a virtual environment.

For more information, go to the NamesCon 360° site here and to register, click here.

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