NamePros Announces 80th Live Domain Name Auction

NamePros logoToday (May 21), leading domain name community NamePros has announced its 80th live domain name auction taking place on Thursday, May 22nd 2008 at

The NamePros auction lasts for three hours and features many valuable domain names sold by individual owners. This weeks auction covers true gems such as three character and four character domain names (Ex:, and many other valuable domain names which, in many cases, cannot be acquired anywhere.

“The live auctions are always exciting,” says NamePros CEO Ron James, “even attendees not buying or selling love watching all the deals being done in real time.”

The NamePros auctions are a popular attraction in the domain name scene, as many professional domainers attend this live event to either acquire or sell assets. NamePros is one of the top ranked online communities for domain name discussions and related topics such as legal issues and domain theft. Many members of this community are well known individuals who own domain name portfolios worth millions of dollars.

The next auction takes place on Thursday, May 22nd 2008 at 6PM EDT in the NamePros chat room which can be accessed at To join the live auction a free member account is required. Registration at NamePros is free of charge and only takes one minute to complete.

Randomly selected names that will be auctioned include:


Additionally, there are many lots containing multiple domain names which are auctioned as a “pack”, meaning domain name investors might be able to buy multiple domains at bulk rates.

About NamePros
NamePros is the largest and most active forum for domain name owners on the Internet. Founded in February 2003, the site features several original interactive services, as well as a vibrant marketplace for buying and selling of domain names, web hosting, web design and developed websites. NamePros has hosted more live domain auctions than any other company.

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