MySpace seals with Viacom to allow video clip sharing

Internet users who upload video pirated from the television may no longer find the clips being taken down or find themselves in trouble. Instead they may become an important part in helping broadcasters make money from the web.MySpace, the social networking site owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, says it will start using new technology that will identified pirated material and insert an advert along the bottom of the video.

MySpace is using a digital fingerprinting technology created by Auditude, a company led by a former MTV executive, and will trial it first in partnership with MTV’s parent company, Viacom. Auditude is able to index and scan hours of TV and online footage in a split second, and will be searching for clips from popular Viacom shows such as Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and MTV’s Punk’d. and MTV try to profit from piracy
Software that lets broadcasters place advertising on video clips uploaded by other people will be tested this month by MySpace and MTV Networks.Hollywood studios and TV networks have tried to defend their material by issuing “take down” notices to the likes of MySpace and YouTube when people upload video onto the internet without their permission. The new technology can automatically add advertising to these pirated videos, allowing the copyright owner to make money from the illegal clips. ad deal lets members use copyright video [AP]
Instead of trying to take down all copyright-protected videos that its members post, MySpace will let certain clips stay – and give the creators of the original content a cut of the revenue from advertising that will be attached to the snippets.‘Auditude’ gives MySpace a way to welcome pirated videos [AFP]
MySpace and Auditude have rolled out an innovative solution to the problem of people posting pirated television show snippets on the Internet.

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