MySpace Backlash Builds Heat

If executives at MySpace expected to win praise as good corporate citizens for ridding their Web site of 29,000 registered sexual offenders, those hopes have vanished by now. Since the news came out, criticism of the social networking site only seems to have grown among public officials, parent and watchdog groups, and the general public. To be sure, there are grounds for discontent. A few months ago, in response to inquiries from several attorney generals, MySpace gave the impression that there were only 7,000 registered sex offenders on the Web site and that it had shut them out. see:
au: No one watching the online predators
Sex predators remain free to prey on underage members of popular internet websites such as MySpace because Australian regulations do not keep sufficiently detailed records of their actions. Internet paedophiles should be deleted: NSW Govt
The New South Wales Police Minister, David Campbell, says the government is ready and willing to work with the Commonwealth to improve the monitoring of convicted sex offenders who use popular internet sites.

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