MySpace Agrees to Lead Fight to Stop Sex Predators

MySpace, the country’s largest social-networking Web site, has agreed with attorneys general of 49 states to take new steps to protect children from sexual predators on its site. It also agreed to lead a nationwide effort to develop technology to verify the ages and identities of Internet users, officials announced Monday.The agreement is the latest attempt by law enforcement officials nationwide to shield children from online dangers, including the risk of encountering inappropriate sexual content or receiving sexual advances through sites like MySpace and Facebook. The sites, increasingly popular among college, high school and even younger students, allow any Internet user to create a profile to display personal information and build networks of friends online. Creates Guidelines For Social Networking
The company’s partnership with 49 state governments includes a 24-hour hot line for law enforcement and blocks people under 14 years old from creating profiles.MySpace on Monday announced its participation in a task force designed to increase safety on social networking sites as part of a partnership with 49 state governments.The agreement comes after several states criticized MySpace for its failure to block sex offenders from its site. Since then, MySpace has cooperated with investigators, identified tens of thousands of offenders, and increased its safety measures.The agreement establishes a “Key Principles of Social Networking Sites Safety” document and urges site operators to incorporate safety features in four categories: Site Design and Functionality; Education and Tools for Parents, Educators and Children; Law Enforcement Cooperation; and Online Safety Task Force. The guidelines ask social sites to review all images, videos, and group content; make all profiles of 14- and 15-year-old users private so adult strangers cannot contact youngsters; and delete registered sex offenders’ profiles. to do more to boost safety
The social network, pressured by states, vows to seek tools to verify user identity.MySpace says it can’t guarantee that the people who sign up for its social networking site aren’t underage or sex offenders. But it averted a potential legal battle Monday by agreeing to keep trying.A group of 49 state attorneys general probing safety issues at MySpace and other online social networks signed a deal with the Beverly Hills-based unit of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. MySpace promised to help organize an industry task force to find tools for verifying the identities and ages of people online.,1,7739084.storyMySpace, States Team Up for Children’s Safety [IDG]
An agreement between MySpace and most U.S. state attorneys general aims to significantly increase the safety of minors on the popular social network.An agreement between MySpace and most U.S. state attorneys general will significantly increase the safety of minors on the popular social network and boost the ability of police to catch and prosecute sexual predators who use the Web, MySpace and several participating attorneys general said today.MySpace and attorneys general from 49 U.S. states and the District of Columbia announced a set of principles for social-networking safety that they hope will be broadly adopted by companies that operate these sites.,141366-c,onlinesafety/article.htmlMySpace in U.S. deal to deter child predators [AP]
MySpace has reached an agreement with 49 U.S. states to prevent sexual predators and others from preying on the site’s users, state officials said Monday.Several states’ attorneys general said in a statement that the site, with 110 million users worldwide, had agreed to add several protections and participate in a working group to develop technologies, including a way to verify the ages of users. Other social networking sites will be invited to participate. reveals child predator blocks
MySpace is mending its frayed relations with the top law enforcers of 50 US jurisdictions by beefing up measures to protect underage users from pedophiles. makes child online safety pact with US prosecutors [AFP]
MySpace and top US state attorneys have announced a pact to make the popular social networking website and its rivals safer for children. Agrees to New Safety Measures [AP]
Under mounting pressure from law enforcement and parents, MySpace agreed Monday to take steps to protect youngsters from online sexual predators and bullies, including searching for ways to better verify users’ ages.The hugely popular online hangout will create a task force of industry professionals to improve the safety of users, and other social-networking sites will be invited to participate. “We must keep telling children that they’re not just typing into a computer. They’re sharing themselves with the world,” said North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper. agrees to security measures
MySpace, the News Corp-owned social-networking site, will implement several security measures to protect users from sexual predators as part of a new agreement that state regulators in the US hailed as a potential model for the burgeoning industry

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