.MY Passes 100,000 Registration Landmarks

MYNIC logoThe .MY (Malaysian) ccTLD passed the six-figure registration landmark in June by passing 100,000 registrations for businesses and individuals.

“We are proud to have achieved this milestone and it gives us further impetus to enhance and expand our efforts,” said .my DOMAIN REGISTRY director, Shariya Haniz Zulkifli, according to a report in MIS Asia. “We have put in place a broad range of initiatives that are ultimately aimed at boosting the use of .my domain names, and we are confident that more and more people will adopt .my as its multiple benefits become increasingly apparent.”

“With the ever-expanding use of the Internet, a unique online identity is just as important as any conventional identity, be it for businesses or individuals,” Shariya continued. “For businesses in Malaysia, having a .my domain name enhances export and international market access potential as it enables them to take advantage of Malaysia’s standing as one of the world’s Top 20 trading nations.”

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