Music price comparison site to challenge dominance of iTunes

The dominance of Apple’s iTunes store in the music downloads market could suffer a blow after the launch of a new price comparison site from TV consumer champion Martin Lewis.The money saving pundit’s latest venture shows music fans where they can get the cheapest downloads from a number of music sites and allows them to click through to buy those songs. The iTunes store, the market leader in online music sales, is crowded out by cheaper rivals such as Tesco and we7 and fails to appear as offering the lowest price on any one of the current top 40 albums. Susan Boyle’s best-selling album, for example, is shown as available for £3.97 via Tesco and £7.99 on iTunes and HMV. see:Music price comparison website to challenge iTunes’ dominance
Money-saving expert Martin Lewis has launched a service to cut the cost of song downloads, threatening Apple’s iTunes dominance of online music.Customers enter the title they wish to buy and scans prices at its suppliers and lists the options by price. Music fans can make considerable savings from using the service, which works along the same lines as price comparison sites for insurance and utilities.

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