.MUSIC gTLD Proposal Launches

Another gTLD proposal has launched, with .Music the latest one to catch our attention. .Music is aiming to give musicians, artists, bands, industry professionals and music organisations their own unique extension suffix on the web.It is proposed that .Music will be the gTLD representing the global music community, giving music entities a unique identity online. The proposers of the gTLD claim that not only will it increase a brand’s visibility on the net, .music removes second-guessing and confusion by immediately associating a brand’s line of business with a memorable identity: music.Some examples could be EltonJohn.music, U2.music, EMI.music, Nokia.music, RIAA.music, IFPI.music as well as bars, clubs and other entertainment venues, albums, music genres and anything you can think of that is music-related.The organisers are asking people who might support the proposal to sign their petition at music.us. And for those on Facebook there is even a .Music group.

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