Music file-share site Qtrax forced into humiliating U-turn

A website which promised to give music lovers the world’s first legal file-sharing service was forced into a humiliating climbdown today after it emerged that the company had not secured the backing of the record industry.Qtrax, a New York firm, unveiled its service with a glitzy £500,000 launch in Cannes at the weekend, hiring stars including James Blunt, LL Cool J.Today it emerged that none of the four major labels had done deals with the site, putting a large dent in the promised catalogue of 25 million songs and prompting allegations that the site’s founders had misled fans. deny deals on file sharing
Three major record labels have denied signing deals allowing their music to feature on a new file-sharing service offering unlimited free downloads.The service, Qtrax, boasted it would carry up to 30 million tracks from “all the major labels”.But Warner, EMI and Universal all say they have not licensed their music.Qtrax said it expected an agreement to be reached with Warner and that terms had been agreed with the others even if deals had not been formally signed.

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