Mozilla’s Thunderbird Email Client Is Back with a Vengeance

When Thunderbird, the Mozilla Foundation’s open-source e-mail client, first came out, I liked it a lot. But then Mozilla put Thunderbird on the back burner to focus its attention on Firefox, letting Thunderbird slowly age into a second-rate e-mail client. Now, at long last, a new and vastly improved version of Thunderbird has just been released and is back to being great.I started working with Thunderbird again with its beta 3 release earlier this year and was immediately impressed. The 2008-vintage versions of Thunderbird were just sad, but this time around, Mozilla got it right. Thunderbird’s 3.0 release deserves any e-mail user’s attention. see:French army sides with Mozilla in Microsoft email war
A new email client unveiled by Mozilla this week contains code from an unusual source — the French military, which decided the open source product was more secure than Microsoft’s rival Outlook.The story of how the French government became involved with the open source movement, which has transformed much software around the world from proprietary to free, goes back six years.

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