Movie star in the making: China’s answer to YouTube

With 12 million users a day, Gary Wang’s Tudou is the biggest video sharing site in China – and it’s set to get much, much biggerIf the world thought that the PC and mobile phone had revolutionised the way we live our lives, then just wait for the impact of video and pictures on the internet. Most commentators expect the moving image to dominate the next phase of the internet around the globe, but in China this trend has already begun in earnest.Tudou – China’s answer to YouTube – was started in January 2005 (a month before YouTube) by 35-year-old Gary Wang. Nearly four years later, Tudou has some 12 million users a day and 75 million unique users a month. It serves 100m videos a day, numbers that make it the biggest video-sharing site in China. As for growth, Tudou has nearly three times more user visits today than a year ago.’s Advertising Revenue Reached CNY11.296 Million In H1 2008
Chinese video website announced at the product conference of its high-definition channel that the company made CNY11.296 million in the advertising sector in the first half of 2008 — much more than that of its competitor but still an overall paltry amount in China’s advertising sector.

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