Move to tighten Australia’s privacy rules

The federal government will introduce laws forcing companies to disclose privacy breaches after Sony revealed that more than 1.5 million Australian user accounts were compromised in the recent attack on its PlayStation Network.The stolen information include names, addresses, birthdays, email addresses and log-in passwords. Of the 1,560,791 Australian accounts that were affected, 280,000 had credit card details, but these were encrypted and there had been no reports of fraudulent activity, Sony said. see:EFA, APF call for greater access to personal information
Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) and the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) have highlighted the need to strengthen the Privacy Act 1988 and make information held by a company available to end users.EFA spokesperson, Stephen Collins, told Computerworld Australia that the current Privacy Act was “problematic” because in some cases, it was difficult for people to get hold of information about themselves.

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