Most British teenagers think internet pornography is damaging, poll finds

Internet pornography is having a damaging impact on young people’s views about sex and puts pressure on girls to look and act a certain way, according to a poll of 500 British teenagers.Eight out of 10 18-year-olds surveyed by the thinktank IPPR felt it was too easy to accidentally view explicit images while surfing the internet, while 72% said pornography led to unrealistic views about sex. see:Google working on child-friendly sites – report
Google is reportedly developing a new version of its products designed specifically for children.The firm is reported by the Wall Street Journal to be creating a child-friendly YouTube and Gmail as part of the move, that would for the first time allow children under 13 to set up Google accounts. may offer accounts for kids, controls for parents
Children who want to use Google services may no longer have to lie about their age, as the company reportedly plans special accounts for users under the age of 13.Currently, Google doesn’t allow users to sign up unless they say they’re at least 13 years old. That’s because the Federal Trade Commission has strict privacy rules in place for children, requiring parents to provide “verifiable consent” in the form of a credit card transaction, a phone call to a trained specialist, a printed consent form, or a scanned image of the parent’s government ID. But it’s not exactly a secret that kids will pretend to be older in order to use online services like Google.

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