More U.S. Adults Embrace Texting, Pew Survey Finds

A survey released Thursday found that U.S. adults are following teens in embracing text messaging, with 72 percent of adults saying they have sent or received text messages compared with 65 percent in a September 2009 survey. Adults, however, still have a ways to go to catch up to the 87 percent of teens who reported using their mobile phones for texting.In addition, the May 2010 survey from the Pew Internet and American Life Project also found teens far outpace adults in the number of text messages they send in a day, the survey found. Teens send on average 50 texts a day compared with 10 for adults.To read this Tech Daily Dose report in full, see: see:Pew: Adults text, but teens do it five times as much
Nearly three-quarters of adult mobile phone users text message others, but the average teenager sends and receives five times as many messages as an adult, Pew Internet found in a recent study.Currently, 72 percent of adults text message, up from 65 percent back in 2009. But it’s teens who are leading the “texting” charge. Pew found that 87 percent of teens text others, averaging a whopping 50 messages sent and received per day. The average adult sends and receives just 10 messages each day.

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