More suppliers announce enhanced mobility at CeBIT

Katrin Ohlmer of Berlin’s Ohlmer Marketing & Kommunikation has sent in another report from CeBIT, currently underway in Hannover in Germany and given some great updates on what companies such Navigon, Yahoo, RIM and others are planning in 2008, and again, many of these applications are about enhancing mobility.Navigon Navigator
Peter Scheufen, Chairman of the Board, Navigon
Navigon will launch the Navigon 8110 shortly which will include 3D panorama maps with a 4,8″ display and voice recognition feature. The 8110 has been awarded the ‘Red dot Design Award’. About 15% of all map data changes constantly, however with Navigon Freshmaps the user can get regular updates of maps, included with the 8110 and as a subscription for all other devices. Navigon will develop solutions with and for mobile devices, e.g. Samsung. Examples of use include pedestrian navigation or LBS says VP Scheufen.YAHOO
Marco Boerries, Executive VP
Yahoo Go 3.0

Yahoo intends for their Yahoo Go 3.0 to be the starting point for the internet on the mobile phone. Yahoo will launch the beta version of Yahoo Go 3.0 in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK by the end of March. The available mobile widgets include Xing, eBay, MySpace, Eurosport, and LastFM.OnePlace
The OnePlace service contains over 50 types of content, which displays personal information from any source on mobile devices. For instance users can bookmark websites, web search results, or even emails with a ‘one-click’ to OnePlace. With the OnePlace application used on the mobile phone users can access their personal information. An open API offers the opportunity to import and snyc other services in OnePlace. The “type ahead” feature makes navigation very easy, with only 3 letters to type in. Categorisation, for example by local businesses, will include maps enabling the display of content and navigating in the maps. It will also include location awareness (filter by proximity, local events, hotels, restaurants) which is socially connected – the user can share content with friends. OpenPlace will be available by the end of Q2 2008.1&1
Andreas Gauger, CEO 1&1
1&1 is market leader in Germany and Austria for webhosting and number 5 in the US. 1&1 is number two in the German DSL market behind Deutsche Telekom. VOIP usage in the 1&1 network increased to 10 billion minutes to 16 billion minutes in the German market in 2007. 1&1 launched a cooperation with Parallels for application packaging standard both for end-customers and resellers (“software as a service”). 1&1 looks forward to unbundled access which is due starting from April. They have also introduced a mobile internet rate (called “pocketweb”) for €9.99 Euro (data flat rate) with new devices being introduced in the next quarter. 1&1 belives that nearly all TV content will soon be available on the internet. Therefore they will be launching their “1&1 Mediacenter” (hardware by AVM), where the content of Maxdome (video-on-demand platform), several TV stations (N24, arte, 3sat, ARD, ZDF), and radio stations are available. By the time Mediacenter is available more than 200,000 hours of content will be available to users. The 1&1 Mediacenter will be available for all German internet users, and not restricted to 1&1 customers.RIM
Dean Pacey, VP EMEA
Blackberry to date has 12 million subscribers worldwide and is available via 350 carriers. Blackberry sees the killer applications today being voice and messaging, as well collaboration and navigation services. RIM have doubled their subscriptions in the last year, and applications built especially for RIM have expanded from their traditional email services to several mail accounts being available on the one device are now possible including Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Gmail. Other services available or becoming available include messaging services such as AIM and Google Talk; social networking platforms such as Facebook (including the ability to upload and share pictures on users’ Facebook account), newsreader (including publications such as the German Handelsblatt) and eBay alerts.RIM will integrate Google Maps with My Location. An example here is you park your car and you press GPS to locate your car. Then if you can’t find your car when you are returning to it, you press ‘get me back’. Enhanced collaboration with Blackberry Unite where up to 5 users can collaborate and share (e.g. calendar) and communicate – all within a secured environment. RIM announced they will be enhancing the browsing experience during 2008 by improving the processor and storage devices and the user interface to make Blackberries more user friendly.

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