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us: Lawmaker criticizes iPhone termination fee
The Apple iPhone has enjoyed favorable reviews since its recent debut, but it came in for some rare criticism on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. the iPhone hackers
The coding geniuses who are taking apart Apple’s hot device say they’re within a few days of making it work with cell networks beyond AT&T. Buzz Puts Focus on Carrier Practices
If a current iPhone customer terminates the service agreement with AT&T, the iPhone then becomes an expensive paperweight. That has Edward Markey (D-Mass.) chairman of the House subcommittee on telecommunications and the Internet annoyed, according to the Associated Press on Wednesday. the iPhone free! Apple’s iPhone is an indicator of internet freedom, and the signals it’s sending aren’t good
This summer’s hottest high-tech gadget is Apple’s iPhone. But along with its slick design and slicker marketing campaign, this device is a bellwether for the future of the open internet – and the signals it’s sending aren’t good. … You see, the iPhone only works if you are an AT&T customer. If your mobile phone service is with any other provider – T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint – you’re out of luck. You can’t have it. To get one, you’ll have to break your contract with your service and change to AT&T. That will cost you a few hundred dollars in early termination fees. And if you are on a family plan, you may have to pay a separate fee to terminate all of your family’s phones. Only then will you have the privilege of dropping $600 on an iPhone and signing up for a two-year contract with AT&T. Closer Look at iPhone Lust
As my wife ran some errands downtown on Sunday, I found myself pacing in front of the local Apple store. This is ridiculous. My current “smart” phone is only six months old, capable of sending and receiving email, keeping my calendar, even playing a live television feed through my Slingbox. The last thing I need is a new phone. Yet I found myself drawn to the iPhone. I, like the rest of world, was hopelessly transfixed by the promise of being part of the future of telephony.,8599,1642324,00.htmlFirst Comes the Hype, Then the Actual iPhone; Now, the Accessories
It is not just Apple that stands to make big profits from its effort to redefine the mobile phone industry.

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