More Canadians buying up personal domain names

The benefits of registering your own domain name, and in this case a .CA domain name, is covered in this article from The Canadian Press. They describe having your own domain name as a “vanity licence plates of the web.”

People may regret not registering their domain name, especially if they become a professional such as a lawyer where their own domain name could be useful says Tim Richardson, who teaches e-commerce at the University of Toronto and Seneca College.

The .ca tag, said Richardson, has become the next logical step for net-savvy users already connected and interconnected on such social sites as Facebook and MySpace.

“It’s the whole empowerment thing of the Internet,” he said.

“As people realize that the ability to put content on their little Geocities web page and MySpace and Facebook is limited by the built-in software that those circumstances allow, they say, ‘I don’t want to be limited by only putting up five pictures in a square.'”

“And they realize that they can just buy their own domain and put up their own domain however they feel like it.”

The article also notes the one millionth .CA domain name is expected to be registered within the next few months and that getting your own preferred domain name is not particularly hard, especially when compared to .COM.

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