Moonlighting Within Microsoft, in Pursuit of New Apps

If you have a smartphone, you probably have apps on it to check the news, play games, help with shopping or further a hobby like travel or bird-watching. But chances are that you don’t yet have Bubblegum — a new app that lets you instantly dress up cellphone photos, tinting them in sepia or adding neon blue highlights, for instance, and then share the results on Facebook.That’s because Bubblegum is an app for a nascent market: people whose smartphones have the new Windows Phone 7 software inside. The phones have been on the market for only a few months in the United States.But if many people are to choose them in a crowded field led by iPhones and Android-based devices, these new phones will need a large dose of an essential smartphone aphrodisiac: apps by the armload that add games, social connectivity and many other features.

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