Moniker completes Internet Expo auction for adult domains

Moniker logoMoniker completed their live auction featuring premium adult domain names on February 15. The highlights of which are below. Other upcoming auctions are iDate 2008 and Social Networking Conference for social and dating domain names (January 31-February 1), T.R.A.F.F.I.C. for premium domain names from February 18-21 and the Affiliate Summit for premium domain names (February 24-26).

The big seller of the day in the adult auction was the that included the domain names,,,,,, and This package sold for US$550,000.

Other sales above $100,000 were ($130,000) and ($107,000). The highest domain sold was ($11,000) and ($6,500).

To see the full list of results, go to For links to other Moniker upcoming domain name auctions, see

There is also a news release from Moniker below: Records $1.1 Million in Domain Name Sales at Internext Expo Auction

A crowd of more than 250 packed a ballroom at the Palms Resort and Casino in Las Vegas to bid on premium, adult-themed domain names at Internext Expo, the world’s largest business-to-business online and digital media adult conference. The private auction was hosted by, the leading provider of Domain Asset Management(TM), who also brokered the sales. 

To view all the domains sold in the live auction, visit

 During intense live bidding, more than 60 domains sold for an estimated $1.1 million; final sales figures will be available after the concurrent online adult domain auction concludes on Friday, January 25. One of the largest sales of the evening was of SickSiteNetwork, a group of successful sites, including, and a fully functioning business. The full name portfolio and associated business assets will be transferred in the sale. 

In conjunction with the live auction, Moniker is still conducting an online auction of premium, adult domain names on its Web site, To view the complete auction inventory, visit Bidding will continue until January 25. For more information, contact

Moniker’s domain auctions at Internext Expo allow entrepreneurs to purchase online domain names that will add to the overall value of their business or individual portfolio. Moniker was responsible for selling more than $20 million in adult-related domains in 2007, including names sold at separate Internext auctions in Las Vegas and Miami last year. Moniker remains the only Domain Asset Management company and auctioneer for various niche markets including adult, gaming/gambling, affiliate, webmasters, geo-targeted, and more.