Mobile WiMax must grab YouTube generation, says analyst

It may be a small fry, but technology could still be a contender if it finds ways to set itself apart from competition, says Juniper Research.Fledgling technology mobile WiMax could rack up 80 million subscribers within five years–despite having just two commercial networks to its name to date. But the technology must hook the YouTube generation, according to analyst house Juniper Research.In its latest forecast, Juniper Research predicts mobile WiMax will begin to take off between 2012 and 2013–with worldwide subscriber numbers exceeding 80 million by 2013. No small achievement for a newbie tech–even if it still might be considered small-fry when compared with souped-up 3G technology HSPA, which is slated to dominate the mobile broadband market. HSPA currently has around 11.5 million subscribers globally, according to international 3G advocate the UMTS Forum.

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