Mobile the highlight at CeBIT

Katrin Ohlmer of Berlin’s Ohlmer Marketing & Kommunikation is currently attending CeBIT, currently underway in Hannover in Germany, and has given a wrap on what is happening at CeBIT there, and what caught her eye.Katrin’s highlights for the last day are:Deutsche Telekom, 3.3., 11-12amTimotheus Höttges
Deutsche Telekom plans to extend broadband access in rural areas and sees no competitors who support broadband deployment in rural areas. Deutsche Telekom will launch micro UMTS/3G networks within cities and later this year a “fibre to the home project” in Dresden. An issue here will be how to combine DSL and fibre to the home (not a question of “either or” but combination of both).Philipp Humm
T-Mobile focuses on personal networks (called “MyFaves”), mobile internet focus for 2008 (instant messaging, widgets, search, email, content), LTE testcase with 100/50 megabit bandwidth. T-Mobile cooperates with Yahoo for search, YouTube for widgets, Amazon and Ebay (planned for May: Flickr), for instant messaging with AOL, AIM, ICQ and Windows Live and for email with Blackberry. Search with Yahoo is combined with LBS (maps). New tariffs especially designed for teens/twens/young families and flat rates for mobile and laptop (data) starting from €20. The goal of Deutsche Telekom is to mobilise the personal and social networking at home with the mobile. For those surfing outside Germany via mobile devices there will be new tariffs from June 1 onwards. First LTE test already running, official test period for LTE will start in summer.Vodafone, 3.3., 1-2pmVodafone announced their Touch-Travel pilot project (mobile ticketing solution). Vodafone also launched a cooperation with TomTom who have exclusive usage rights to distribute traffic news to Vodafone customers. Mobile data is anonymised and sent to TomTom (hand-over data are used, no personal data). Vodafone will be the first to launch the “Otello visual Search” that will enable sending a picture taken with the mobile and in return one gets a deep link, video or more details for this picture (the first partner is, 3.3., 2-3pmDigital lifestyle and mobility are top topics at CeBIT for Microsoft.Digital Lifestyle: Forrester predicts the next decade to be one of ‘style’ for devices which Microsoft will follow (e.g. with Pocket PC “HTC shift”).Mobility: IDC expects 20% market share for Windows Mobile in 2011. Steve Ballmer refused to make any comments on the potential merger with Yahoo. “We hope that this deal becomes reality” says Ballmer.Merian Scout Navigator, 3.3., 3-4pmMerian wants to become the personal mobile travel assistant, providing tourist information as well as traffic news. Tourist information about cities is displayed as “tagclouds” depending on the search frequency. Their data come from the companies and their own editorial team.TomTom Navigator, 3.3., 4-5pmTomTom have extended their market share within Europe to 50% and in the US to 25%. With 9.6 millon units shipped they are fast becoming the must have ‘travel companion’.The new feature “IQ Routes” takes into account traffic situation on different days of the week (Monday vs. Sunday). It shares map changes with other TomTom users and provides daily updates with TomTom map share. TomTom utilises multiple data sources for their service, as well ‘Verkehrsfunk’. Pedestrian navigation on mobile is not planned yet although TomTom is well placed to deliver this, and is what they consider the next step, so TomTom will see how this market develops. If there is a true market, they will head there. No comments on how and when they will deploy their solution on mobile phones were available.Navigon Navigator, 11-12am, 4.3.Peter Scheufen, Chairman of the Board, Navigon
Navigon will shortly launch the Navigon 8110 which will include 3D panorama maps with a 4,8″ display and voice recognition feature. The 8110 has been awarded the ‘Red Dot Design Award’. About 15% of all map data changes constantly. With Navigon Freshmaps regular updates of maps are available, included with the 8110 and as a subscription for all other devices. Navigon will develop solutions with and for mobile devices, e.g. with Samsung. Use cases are pedestrian navigation or LBS. says VP Scheufen.

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