.MO Falls short of its Big Brother .CN

The 2008 publication of the Macau Information and Communications Technology Survey which was released this week showed that the internet penetration rate has increased sharply, but experts said local internet resources were still weak.
Published by the University of Macau’s (UM) Macau Internet Research Project, the survey reported that as of the end of 2007, the local penetration rate of internet reached 64 percent in which the “digital divide index” continued on the fall from 0.32 in 2006 to 0.28 in 2007.

According to the UM press release, the results reflected that the internet has penetrated into the general public and all sectors in society have equal access to the world wide web.
At the same time, there were only 2,174 domain names registered with “.mo” and the per capita amount of domain names is 66 per 10,000 internet users which the UM said was “far below” the 568 level in mainland China.

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