MMX Abolishes Premium Renewal Prices For New Premium Domains

mmxco-logoRegistrants of premium domain names for any of the new gTLDs wholly-owned by MMX (formerly Minds + Machines), and whose domains were first registered on or after 6 January 2017, will now pay the standard domain renewal prices the company announced. MMX is the second new gTLD registry to announce such a move that will appeal to, among others, domain investors.

The largest of MMX’s new generic Top Level Domains is .vip, which recently gained approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that will allow its domains to be legally sold and hosted within the country. It currently has over 568,000 registrations. The announcement applies to the 25 new gTLDs that MMX wholly owns, the largest being .work (78,000 registrations), .bayern (31,000), .casa (18,000), .miami (11,000), .nrw (11,000) and .beer (11,000), their only gTLDs with more than 10,000 registrations.

“MMX is committed to delivering the most domain-investor-friendly premium name programs in the industry,” said Toby Hall, MMX’s CEO. “We started the process of rebooting our strategy in July last year, when we alerted our many registrar partners that 100% of our premium names sold after January 6th 2017 would have standard, GA renewal prices. As an added incentive to strengthening our existing partnerships and building new ones, we are likewise revisiting the price tiering of all our premium inventory across the portfolio. The upshot of our new Premium Program is that all registrants will ultimately have access to much more affordable purchase opportunities with sharply reduced carrying costs.”

“We were able to successfully pilot the concept of premium inventory renewing at standard prices through the launch of our .VIP extension in May last year,” said Michael Salazar, MMX’s COO & CFO. “The support was exceptional and provided the validation to implement the strategy across our wider portfolio. We look forward to seeing how this Program develops in 2017.”

“The ultimate goal of the Program and the wider initiatives MMX is putting in place is simple: we want to demonstrate we are great partners to have in your corner,” said Solomon Amoako, VP of Channel Management and MMX’s most recent appointment. “If you’re a domain investor, a registrar, an aftermarket platform, a broker, or an affiliate, we’re here to structure deals that can provide excellent profit potential both for yourselves and your end-customers.”

The announcement comes two weeks after Rightside announced it was lowering the cost of domain name renewals across its 40 new gTLDs such as .news (78,000 registrations), .live (78,000) and .rocks (75,000). Rightside’s newly launched Platinum Edge program enables registrars to sell their Platinum domains at a low renewal rate while also providing marketing support and materials to registrar partners.

Platinum domains represent the highest value inventory across Rightside’s 40 new TLDs, as determined by popular search terms and geographical and industry specificity. The Platinum Edge program allows registrars to offer individuals and brands the best possible domain for their needs.