Minds+Machines Owner Links Up With Neustar

Top Level Domain Holdings, the parent company of Minds+Machines, has announced an exclusive arrangement with Neustar to offer registry services to cities, regions, and other geographical top-level domains such as .bayern, .berlin, .mumbai and others.

Under the terms of the arrangement, Neustar and TLDH, along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Minds + Machines, will work together exclusively in respect of all geographic gTLDs pursued by TLDH, apart from a short list of those already in progress. TLDH will oversee sales, marketing, registrar relations, ICANN compliance and other management functions, while Neustar will provide back-end registry and DNS services.

“Neustar has a proven track record working with governments to support geographic top-level domains, including .US. They are a large public company with substantial financial reserves, known for their solid, responsive, and trustworthy services, as well as their world-class DNS services. That’s a very attractive profile to governments,” said Antony Van Couvering, CEO of TLDH. “This is a great collaboration for these top-level domains.”

“We are looking forward to working with TLDH,” said Ken Hansen, Senior Director, Registry Services for Neustar. “TLDH is very innovative, professional and customer focused, and we are pleased to collaborate with them for these important clients.”

TLDH will continue to use Espresso, TLDH’s own registry services platform, for non-geographic gTLDs. Espresso is based on CoCCA, which powers over 30 ccTLDs worldwide. “Espresso is a flexible registry solution, proven world-wide,” said Van Couvering. “In this case, we’re teaming up with Neustar because their company profile, along with their long and successful history in the gTLD space, makes this a compelling offering for city and regional gTLDs.”