Microsoft’s Bing Adds Some Zing to Tackle Google

If you’re at all like me, then you find Web search pretty frustrating when it comes to figuring out the local weather forecast. You pop a city’s name into a search engine and get a list of a few different weather sites. Oddly enough, they often have quite different forecasts for the days to come.The question remains: sweater or no sweater?Microsoft has taken some steps to solving this riddle – and a number of other irksome Web quandaries — through some fresh updates to its Bing search engine that it unveiled Wednesday. (Make that “decision engine” if you’re in Redmond.) see:Microsoft’s Bing Tries to Leapfrog Google Maps [IDG]
Microsoft is taking aim at one of Google’s most popular services, Google Maps, with a richer version of its own online mapping service that was released in beta on Wednesday.The new Bing Maps service uses Microsoft’s Silverlight multimedia technology to provide a smoother way to zoom in and out of cityscapes that appear as 3D-like images. The beta service also includes Microsoft’s answer to Google Street View, which it calls Streetside.

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