Microsoft takes technological leap with Kinect

Microsoft sales strength eases Wall St fears – Oct-29Chris Nuttall: Microsoft squares that look hip – Oct-21FT Tech blog – Aug-08Google in US lawsuit over online applications – Nov-01Apple sues Motorola amid litigation scrum – Oct-31Microsoft is set the roll the dice this week on an ambitious new consumer technology which executives at the software company claim will bring a far-reaching new way for people to interact with computers.Sold initially as an add-on for the Xbox games console, the device, called Kinect, uses motion-detecting cameras and microphones to sense commands, leading to what Microsoft claims will be a more natural human/computer interface based on gestures and speech.Hopes for the long-term potential of the technology are running high inside Microsoft, where Kinect – which was originally named Project Natal – is seen as the company’s most important new consumer product in years. The technological advances it represents have also won plaudits outside the company.

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