Microsoft Sues Mobile Ringtone Company for Phishing, Spam

[IDG] Microsoft has sued a Hong Kong seller of mobile ringtones, saying the company used phishing techniques to flood Microsoft Live Messenger users with spam messages.The lawsuit accuses a company called Funmobile of sending out thousands of spam instant messages over the past four months. The case was filed last month in King County Superior Court in Seattle, but Microsoft did not name the company involved until Thursday. Microsoft is seeking a court injunction to stop the spam, as well as monetary damages. see:Microsoft sues over IM spam, phishing
Microsoft has filed a lawsuit accusing two companies of launching instant-messaging spam and phishing attacks that targeted users on its Live Messenger network.The software company filed a civil lawsuit on Thursday in King County Superior Court in Seattle against Funmobile, Mobilefunster, and several individuals. Microsoft alleges that they are responsible for the intentional misuse of the service to gain the personal information of its users.,1000000189,39686022,00.htmMicrosoft Lawsuit Aims to Block Spam Over IM
Microsoft this week accused mobile ringtone and entertainment firm Funmobile for resorting to spamming Windows Live Messenger users to hawk its wares.In a lawsuit filed in the Washington State superior court for King County against Funmobile, which sometimes does business as Mobilefunster, Microsoft accused company officials of misusing Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger infrastructure in violation of the terms of service, and said they caused damage by using it to send spam messages.

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