Microsoft Slashes Jobs as Sales Fall

With sales of computers deteriorating by the day, the PC industry’s dominant players — Microsoft and Intel — have arrived at the stark realization that the slump in sales could last a long time, perhaps years.”We are certainly in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime set of economic conditions,” Microsoft’s chief executive, Steven A. Ballmer, told investors Thursday in a conference call to discuss the company’s dismal second-quarter financial results. “Our model is not for a quick rebound. Our model is things go down, and then they reset. The economy shrinks.” to cut 5,000 jobs in its first major layoff
Worried by a rapid decline in orders for personal computers, Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, initiated the first broad layoffs in its history Thursday and warned of waning technology spending in the months and even years to come.Microsoft, based Redmond, Washington, plans to lay off as many as 5,000 of its 94,000 employees in the next 18 months, including 1,400 let go on Thursday. cuts jobs and tech firms feel the pain
The world’s largest software company, Microsoft, is slashing 5,000 jobs in the first radical cutbacks in its 34-year history as the global economic downturn sinks its teeth into the once dynamic, historically resilient technology industry.Microsoft yesterday warned of a “vast” fall-off in demand for personal computers as cash-strapped buyers scale back on expenditure. Its woes were echoed by financial setbacks at the mobile phone maker Nokia, the electronics multinational Sony and in BT’s telecoms empire.

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