Microsoft signs Chrome and Android deal with Foxconn parent Hon Hai

Besides Samsung, there’s one other company making Android pay: Microsoft. The software giant just signed a patent licensing agreement – including unspecified payment terms – with Hon Hai, the parent of manufacturing company Foxconn for devices running Google’s mobile operating system Android and Google’s desktop Chrome OS.Significantly, the agreement says that it covers “smartphones, tablets and televisions”, suggesting Microsoft has now broadened the scope of patents that it is using to pursue Android – and now Chrome OS too – to include GoogleTV, which has so far failed to take off significantly. see:Microsoft, Hon Hai sign patent deal for Android, Chrome devices
Microsoft Corp and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd signed a global patent licensing agreement on Wednesday designed to protect Hon Hai clients from patent claims arising from their use of Google Inc’s Android and Chrome operating systems.Google and Microsoft have been locked in patent battles, with Microsoft contending that the systems infringe its software patents. Microsoft has in the past chosen to pursue hardware makers rather than Google itself for royalties.

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