Microsoft says Russians hacked its network, viewing source code

Russian government hackers engaged in a sweeping series of breaches of government and private-sector networks have been able to penetrate deeper into Microsoft’s systems than previously known, gaining access to potentially valuable source code, the tech giant said Thursday.

The firm previously acknowledged that it had inadvertently downloaded a software patch used by Russian cyberspies as a potential “back door” into victims’ systems. But it was not known that the hackers had viewed the firm’s source code, or the crucial DNA of potentially valuable, proprietary software.

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Microsoft Says Russian Hackers Viewed Some of Its Source Code
Microsoft said on Thursday that the far-reaching Russian hack of U.S. government agencies and private corporations had gone further into its network than the company previously understood.

While the hackers, suspected to be working for Russia’s S.V.R. intelligence agency, did not appear to use Microsoft’s systems to attack other victims, they were able to view Microsoft source code through an employee account, the company said.

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