Microsoft Releases Report on Law Enforcement Requests

Microsoft disclosed for the first time on Thursday the number of requests it had received from government law enforcement agencies for data on its hundreds of millions of customers around the world, joining the ranks of Google, Twitter and other Web businesses that publish so-called transparency reports.The report, which Microsoft said it planned to update every six months, showed that law enforcement agencies in five countries — Britain, France, Germany, Turkey and the United States — accounted for 69 percent of the 70,665 requests the company received last year. see:Microsoft Transparency Report Shows Company Supplied User Content in 2.2% of Cases
Microsoft received more than 11,000 requests for user information or content data from law enforcement agencies in the United States last year and supplied some user content in more than 1,500 of those cases. Overall, the company received more than 70,000 requests from law enforcement agencies worldwide and gave up some user content in 2.2 percent of those cases.Microsoft is the latest large company to release a transparency report of this kind, specifying the number and kind of requests that it receives from law enforcement around the world. Twitter and Google have released similar reports in recent years, but this is the first Microsoft transparency report to be published. details global police data requests
More than 75,000 requests were made by police forces around the world for data on Microsoft users in 2012.The figures were revealed in Microsoft’s first transparency report which detailed how often police forces sought data to aid investigations.US police forces topped the list of agencies keen to know who created specific images or other content.

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