Microsoft plans $40bn stock buyback

Microsoft was joined by PC maker Hewlett-Packard and Nike, the sportswear maker, in announcing a share buyback schemeMicrosoft unveiled a second mammoth stock buyback of up to $40 billion (£21.6 billion), raised its dividend by 18 per cent and said its board has also approved taking on up to $6 billion in debt.With shares in the group down by almost 30 per cent this year, partly weighed down by Microsoft’s failed $47.5 billion bid for Yahoo, the group hopes the buyback will revive its flagging stock., Hewlett-Packard and Nike Announce Buyback Plans for Shares
Eager to project confidence in turbulent markets, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Nike announced plans separately on Monday to buy back a combined $53 billion of their companies’ stock, a move that could benefit shareholders and attract new investors.Microsoft said it would buy back $40 billion of its shares and raise its quarterly dividend by 2 cents, to 13 cents a share. Hewlett-Packard will repurchase $8 billion in shares, and Nike said it would buy back $5 billion. unveils $40bn buy-back
Microsoft has unveiled plans to spend $40bn (£22bn) buying back its shares from investors, the biggest single buy-back plan in history.Analysts say the move is an attempt by the software giant to use its spare cash to prop up its share price which has fallen by almost 30% this year.Hewlett-Packard and Nike have also announced major buy-back programmes. to take on debt in massive stock buy back [AP]
Chaos in the money markets gave Microsoft an opening to announce it would take on debt for the first time, launch a new $40 billion (NZ$58 billion) stock buyback plan and raise its dividend. plans debt issue, $40 bln share buyback
Microsoft Corp plans to buy back up to $40 billion of its own stock, lift its dividend and issue commercial paper for the first time in the company’s history, the software maker said on Monday.

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