Microsoft Internet Explorer use grows

IE increased usage from 59.8 per cent to 60.3 per cent, according to new statistics from Net Applications, an analytics company that monitors browser usage across a large network of websites. It was buoyed by increasing usage of IE8 that offset the decline in IE7 — and by what web developers no doubt hope will be only a temporary pause in the decline of the despised IE6.The change in fortunes was significant enough that Microsoft couldn’t resist crowing about IE’s progress in a blog post on Thursday. “We certainly don’t judge our business on just two months of data, but the direction here is encouraging,” said Ryan Gavin, senior director of business and marketing for Internet Explorer. see:Microsoft IE gains browser market share (this is not a typo)
Internet Explorer has been in a freefall compared to its hotter rivals Firefox and Google’s Chrome lately, but Microsoft’s browser has finally reversed a small portion of its worldwide market share losses.Just a year ago, IE share stood at 66.97%, but has since dropped every single month, hitting a low of 59.75% in May 2010. Firefox shot up from 22.98% to 24.32%, and Chrome from 2.84% to 7.04% during the same time period.

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