Microsoft gives up three-year battle to keep Windows closed to rivals

  • Huge price cuts accepted to end long-running case
  • Open source groups will get interoperability info

Microsoft yesterday caved in to the European commission and agreed to comply with a landmark anti-trust ruling more than three years after it began a rearguard action against the decision and a record €497m (£347m) fine.In a move hailed by Neelie Kroes, EU competition commissioner, as opening up the global IT market to greater consumer choice, the world’s biggest software company accepted swingeing price cuts for interoperability information that would enable rival servers to work smoothly with its Windows operating system.,,2197106,00.htmlAlso see:Microsoft Is Yielding in European Antitrust Fight
The European competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, negotiated the terms for Microsoft to share information with rivals.European regulators and some software groups in Europe hailed the deal as a breakthrough that should open the door to freer competition, especially in the market for the server software that powers corporate data centers and the Internet.

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