Microsoft faces antitrust complaint for bundling browser

Less than two months after Microsoft lost a landmark antitrust case in Europe, a Norwegian software company filed a new complaint Thursday, challenging the U.S. software giant’s bundling of its Web browser with the Windows operating system.The complaint to the European Commission was filed by Opera Software, based in Oslo, a maker of browsers for personal computers and mobile devices. The company had $60 million in sales in 2006.The company’s chief technology officer, Hakon Lie, said that the bundling of the Internet Explorer browser into Windows, which has more than 80 percent of the market share in Europe, violated European antitrust law. see:
Microsoft accused on net browser
A complaint has been filed to the European Commission accusing Microsoft of stifling competition by tying its browser to Windows.Opera Software said the close ties between Internet Explorer (IE) and Windows made it hard for rivals to be a serious choice for web users.Opera also said Microsoft flouted web standards, making it much harder for browsers to be interoperable.Microsoft said putting its browser in its operating system benefited users. faces new antitrust challenge in Europe
A small Norwegian web browser firm has complained to the European Commission that Microsoft’s behaviour is damaging competition in Europe.The complaint follows the European Court of First Instance’s backing in September of earlier European Commission antitrust penalties against the software giant. files complaint against Microsoft [Reuters]
Opera Software, the small Norwegian maker of Web browsers, has filed the first complaint against Microsoft to the European Commission since the software giant lost a landmark antitrust case earlier this year.

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